Consolidate and automate

Clean, unified e-commerce and marketing data loaded where you want it.

Extract the most granular data across all channels

Collect and connect all your marketing data automatically with the industry’s most flexible integration methods: APIs, web dashboards, email, and internal BI systems.

Transform your data into normalized schemas you can work with.

Cost Aggregation

Conduit can pull data from a variety of sources. You can aggregate campaign data from all your ad channels into a single dataset.

This will make it possible to search for the best campaigns from different platforms and avoid switching between dashboards.

Email / SMS marketing

Conduit can retrieve data from all common email and SMS marketing platforms. Conduit can link events in these platforms with transactions and revenue.

Blend automated data and manual entries

In many cases, you need to aggregate data from your manual spreadsheets with data from apps.

For example, if you manually record COGS data in a spreadsheet, then you can integrate this data with corresponding data from apps.