Assess companies and websites with the help of AI

Harness the insights provided by AI to maximize the performance of companies and websites.

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How it works

Feed AI with your dataset and let it do its magic!
Connect your dataset to the chat and ask the AI to calculate compound branch performance metrics based on average review scores and number of reviews, using only human language commands.
Performance assessment reimagined.
AI will generate a table based on your raw data that will show the correlation between the metrics you are interested in for a quick view of branch performance. You will always get an actionable insight into meaningful and reliable metrics.
Channel your efforts into the branches that require your attention.
You can simply add a follow-up step to ask the AI to identify the top areas that require your focus. The AI will process the dataset and identify correlations between metrics to provide you with actionable insights into the areas that most require your attention. You can also add the results to your dashboard to see and track continuous improvement over time.