Measure and improve
True ROI

You can sell a large number of products and have a high ROAS if you’re offering a 50% discount, but it may be at a negative profit margin.

True ROI is much trickier to calculate when you have a lot of promotions, various discounts, free shipping, etc. because you need to track and analyze the actual cost of the promotions and the actual cost of products sold.

That’s why Conduit makes calculating true ROI easy by aggregating all costs associated with every sale

Customer Support Costs

You pay customer support staff by the hour, and you get information on the number of hours worked from Gorgias. Then the staff payment information is stored in a spreadsheet.

However, with Conduit, you can collect this information in a single location and calculate all your customer support costs at once.

Return on Ad Spend Per Product Line

Conduit can export gross sales from Shopify and ad spend from Facebook for each product line to calculate return on ad spend per product line.

(Product lines are defined with tags.)

Replenish Inventory Alerts

Stock your store proactively so you can order products at the ideal time to make sure your brand has the sufficient product supply it needs to grow.

Eliminate human errors from your purchasing decisions. You no longer need to log in to your dashboard to check your inventory levels. We'll automatically let you know when you need to replenish your inventory.

Choose the email frequency that feels best for your workflow: every weekday or once per week on Monday.


You can't build your business efficiently until you know precisely where your customers are coming from. Conduit does the heavy lifting.

Your team gets clear and elegant data that adapts for every role, from CEO to data scientist.

Conduit doesn't just visualize your data — we also collect it for you.