Spreadsheet based workflows
Merge Datasets from Different Platforms

Conduit can consolidate metrics from various platforms. For example, for each Facebook ad campaign, Conduit can find the revenue generated by identifying corresponding payments from customers in Stripe.

To accomplish this, Conduit uses integrations with attribution systems.

Custom Metrics

Take your existing metrics (like ad spend, revenue, etc.) and create new custom metrics and calculations that are needed for your business.


Conduit has a function similar to VLOOKUP from Microsoft Excel. However, unlike Excel, the function in Conduit can be used for any data source.

Use LOOKUP when you need to find items in a table by row. For example, look up the price of a product by the SKU or find an employee name based on the employee ID.

Agency Fees

Let’s say you work with several different agencies and have a separate contract with each of the agencies. Each contract includes various fees. However, Facebook doesn’t have information about your agency contracts, but it can pull agency names from your Facebook campaigns.

Accordingly, Conduit can actually download ad spend data from Facebook, find the name of the agency, and calculate true ad costs.

Custom Events

Conduit can retrieve data from all common email and SMS marketing platforms. Additionally, Conduit can link events in these platforms with transactions and revenue.